Work with us

Who we are

RadiSurf is an exciting, early-stage deep tech (chemistry) company, and a rapidly growing global innovator of cutting-edge nanocoating processes. We have a mission to create and provide the most sustainable industrial adhesion and surface solutions of tomorrow. 

Why work with us

If the above isn’t quite enough to persuade you, then here are some other, we believe, positive facets about working here:

As we are a young innovative science-driven company, we have a decidedly horizontal organizational structure, and most of your future colleagues, largely, work own initiative, and with a high degree of autonomy. We test, change, evaluate and improve our core technology, and the applications related to it, in one long continuous process.

Moreover, everyone is academically educated scientists (chemists and engineers) and therefore very analytical; however, being a start-up, our minds are always tuned in to creative inputs and new ideas, all of which are encouraged and welcomed with (wide) open arms.

Despite the relative youth of the company and the scaling of the technology, we have already achieved some very significant milestones – probably even faster than originally anticipated, even hope for.

And with that, here’s some history to pride ourselves on, which we believe also reflect the sort of people we are, and the ambitions we have:

Not only have we been quite the champs at amassing highly competitive entrepreneurial and tech-based start-up awards for our technical innovations (as an example, and most notably, the prestigious EIC, perhaps better known as Horizon 2020); but we have a fully commercialized product and paying customers.  In fact, we have worked with numerous of some of the best-known corporate names across just as many different types of industries.

For the short- to mid-term future, however, we have with our new owners (more of that below/News) and Board, decided to focus our attention on Energy Storage and Electronics (the high-margin industrial, not B2C, version).

Back to the culture of the people and working environment:

It’s very much an informal and friendly one, where all voices are heard and valued; yet, as already mentioned, one composed of highly technically skilled people, so we like you to be mentally sharp as well as personally casual. 

Our aim is to continuously identify new business opportunities, pinpoint applications for our technology, learn about our customers and the industries’ challenges and how to improve them, expand the existing customer relationships, communicate effectively, be recognised and known as the global ‘reference’ in surface materials science and solutions – and continuously expand our market share in the areas we target.  No less.

We want great colleagues, who enjoys working with each other, likes engaging with his/her colleagues, yet possess the necessary degree of expertise to add value from an early phase, as well as the freedom to think and develop suggestions and ideas independently. 

What we offer

  • A fully funded high-tech, highly innovative start-up with classical Danish culture (laid-back, informal, easy-going; yet very professional).
    All employees have postgrad academic backgrounds, founder team are now execs, so the culture of the company’s origins remains intact – albeit since the acquisition in April 2021 with access to the necessary resources, and a proven, fully commercial product. During the next 6-12 months the emphasis is nevertheless on further in-depth R&D and industry knowledge.
  • We are owned by a private global Venture Fund (KCK Ltd) and work very closely with several of our portfolio partner companies, many of which are based in the US. We are also looking to open a RadiSurf office in Seoul this year.
  • Competitive salaries and private healthcare scheme.
  • Brand new, purpose-built, offices (from Q2 2022).
  • Regular company events (ranging from different team-building exercises, to parachute jumps), typically followed by dinners (and drinks…).